Text Only Conversation Is A Thing Of Earlier Days As Facebook Emoticons Were Introduced

Posted on 18-08-2013
Text only chatting is a thing of the past as Facebook emoticons come into play. Simple smiley icons were the origin of emoticons, but on Facebook, number of emoticons has grown greatly. Ranging from text smileys to animated ones, there are simply numerous emoticons on Facebook. Facebook emoticons are customizable as you can copy, paste emoticons code available for free on the internet. Skype Emoticon Codes.

The list of popular emoticons on Facebook is pretty long. Heart emoticons are hot favorites among Facebook users. Based on who you are chatting with and what you chat, you can use heart emoticons to convey love or gratitude.

funmoods on foxtab.   You will open up your heart to recipients through emoticons. For easy use, you can simply write <3 to create a heart emoticon. Your message will include graphic heart using this code. Instead of using text based smileys, you can use graphic icons to express exactly what you feel.

There are other popular emoticons such as kiss, wink, smile, grumpy, devil, pacman, and tongue. If you love pacman game, use pacman emoticons to spruce up your chat. To bring pacman emoticon alive, type :v on Facebook. Your messages will enhance retro theme with this emoticon. As far as classic emoticons are concerned, angle emoticon hasn’t lost its charms either.

This icon has gained its place as it looks pleasing. This emoticon can be inserted by typing either o:), or o:-). The emoticons help you to display your feelings in a beautiful and fun way. Instead of learning code for every emoticon, you can download the entire set and then use in chats.

New arrivals in Facebook emoticons include shark emoticon, penguin emoticon, kiss emoticon and woot emoticon. Shark emoticon is one of those emoticons that went rage in recent times. The emoticon shark was developed to indicate fear, but people love it. To express cuteness, penguin emoticon is used. To use penguin emoticon, you have to type (\”) in your chat.